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Il Giardino di Manipura

Experience nature a Il Giardino di Manipura

Born and raised with Elena Giannini's passion, in continuous evolution, Il Giardino di Manipura is the realization of her dream.

Agritourism, evolutionary and social farm where you can connect with nature, art, history, a place where you can express your creativity and learn, both as adults and children, thanks to many courses of self-production, well-being, tasting , sensory and manual.

Manipura Garden is structured on the 4 natural elements: fire, air, water and earth.

Entering to Il Giardino di Manipura means rediscovering contact with our Mother Earth through the natural elements to recharge ourselves with positive energy by immersing ourselves in the vitality of Nature.

You will be able to touch the vital energy of these elements through the flowers, the leaves of the trees and their colorful fruits, the scent of the earth and the water of its magical pond.

The Manipura lake is an oasis of peace immersed in the green heart of the Massarosa countryside. A spectacular corner which, after years of neglect, has been redeveloped and donated to the community thanks to the work of Elena Giannini.

A natural jewel open to all and perfect for families to be discovered by walking along the river embankment and in the spaces of the company among aromatic plants, eucalyptus, olive trees and flowers. A micro-world that represents the peculiarities of the climate and the typical vegetation of Lake Massaciuccoli where it is possible to spot different species of birds and lake fish.

The Manipura lake tells a story of inestimable historical and cultural value and for this reason it is still today an important point of interest for the entire Massarosa area; a story that begins with the construction of the brick kiln.

Why the choice of this name? We tell you right away

Manipura means extracting the most precious jewel from Mother Earth with your hands, namely vitality; it is also the name for the third chakra, located in the solar plexus area above the navel, metaphorically our personal center of power and well-being. For this Manipura is also often understood as a motto, a hymn to life and willpower: "I can!" An invitation not to give up in the face of life's challenges and pitfalls.

What you can do at Il Giardino di Manipura

At Il Giardino di Manipura you can participate in numerous courses, workshops and events for both adults and children, such as aromatherapy, create your own perfume, bach flowers, ecoprinting, bikenic, summer on the farm, qigong, cooking courses, creative movement , yogarte and many more!

You can admire our small museum, together with the stories of Nonno Amedeo, ready to tell you about his passion, his history, when everything was done by hand, with complete respect for nature.

You can taste local products at km0 in our tastings, also in vegetarian and vegan versions; we have several alternatives: such as our Triglia salami platter with crostini and seasonal vegetables; our picnic basket with freshly stuffed sandwiches with seasonal products; our cheese platter from the dairy with accompanying eucalyptus honey and our craft beer with eucalyptus, produced by our Biobottega Oligea.

We have also thought of beautiful tours for you starting from our Garden, to visit the natural and historical beauties of Massarosa.

Where is the Garden of Manipura

The Garden of Manipura is located in one of the most fascinating areas of Versilia, from which you can reach important tourist cities, panoramic points, places surrounded by nature

The Garden of Manipura is located in Massarosa in via dei cavalli 176.


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