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February events in Versilia at Il Giardino di Manipura!

February, the month of love, welcomes us with the delicacy of a hug. Following the winter path brings with it the promise of longer days and warmer hearts. It's like a sweet awakening, where every day is one more step towards spring. February becomes a special moment, where our hearts open gracefully, like flower petals ready to bloom. It is a period in which to enjoy the sweetness of every moment before the days are filled with love and small joys.

In our Agriturismo and Educational Farm "Il Giardino di Manipura" in Massarosa, we have prepared a series of exciting events and workshops.

From the joy and joy of Carnival to the creation of a perfume that tells your love story!

Let's discover together the charm of this month, where love is preparing to flourish!

Here are the February events in Versilia at Il Giardino di Manipura!

Carnival in Manipura: workshops for children - 10 February 2024

Get ready for a magical party full of colors and joy!

On the occasion of Carnival, on Saturday 10 February we will celebrate Carnival at Il Giardino di Manipura, Agriturismo and Educational Farm in Massarosa.

A wonderful day with lots of fun workshops and games. We will start the day with an enchanting workshop to create colorful flower masks, bright colors and lots of inspiration! We will transform cute masks into unique works of art, adding nature and lots of love.

Not only! We will enter our enchanted garden to collect colorful leaves. What will we do with it? Magic confetti! We will transform simple leaves into small fragments of joy, creating a shower of confetti to share with friends.

By popular demand, there will be the Mani in pasta workshop to prepare sweet Carnival chiacchiere, with a super tasty snack!

Don't miss the magic of Carnival in Manipura, it will be a special moment that will stimulate creativity and leave indelible memories of a magical afternoon in the company of many new friends.

🔹Time: From 2.00 pm, lasting 3 hours

🔹Age: Recommended for children aged 3 and up

🔹More information and details: click here

Creation of your perfume: with organic essences - 24 February 2024

Are you ready to embark on a unique sensorial journey, an experience that will awaken your senses and lead you to the creation of your own exclusive perfume? Let yourself be inspired by our pure biological essences, as authentic as the breath of nature itself, and prepare to create something truly special.

laboratorio per creare un profumo solo di oli essenziali, naturale biologico e personalizzato, nella provincia di lucca

We will play with the floral notes of our roses and the lively freshness of citrus fruits. By mixing and combining every drop you choose, it will be like writing a chapter of this splendid day in contact with nature, an olfactory story that takes shape with your hands.

Your perfume will be a masterpiece that speaks of your essence, your dreams and your emotions.

🔹Time: From 3.00 pm, lasting 2 hours

🔹More information and details: click here

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Are you ready to live a unique experience in contact with nature?

Discover all the events, experiences and workshops we have planned for the year 2024 at Il Giardino di Manipura

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