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Nature experiences in Versilia at Il Giardino di Manipura

Are you looking for nature experiences in Versilia? Come and visit us at "Il Giardino di Manipura" our Agriturism and Educational Farm in Massarosa and take part in experiences, events and workshops in contact with nature, for both adults and children!

Love for nature, respect for the environment, use of local products and the transmission of ancient knowledge are the pillars of our Educational, Evolutionary and Social Farm.

Il Giardino di Manipura is an oasis of peace where you can walk through our grounds and be enchanted by the colors of nature, with fun, creative and original activities and routes.

What you can find at Il Giardino di Manipura

In the Agriturism and Educational Farm Il Giardino di Manipura in Massarosa you can find:

agriturismo e fattoria didattica in versilia

Relaxation areas overlooking our splendid lake, where you can enjoy our zero-mile tastings made with genuine, fresh products from our vegetables garden.

Our laboratories and the Bio Bottega Oligea, where you can learn about our entire supply chain, from the seed to the finished product. In our Bio Bottega you will find all our zero-mile and organic products designed for your well-being.

Grandfather Amedeo and his small agricultural museum, for a journey into the past thanks to stories of life experiences and peasant traditions, of when everything was done by hand, with complete respect for nature.

Splendid Botanical Garden, where you can get to know our eucalyptus, medicinal plants, rare plants, our collection of Massarosa rugose roses and Manipura hibiscus, cereals and horticultural products and a small greenhouse of tropical fruit plants.

Air-conditioned, covered greenhouses in which to take refuge and find warmth on the coldest or gloomiest days of the year, to experience beautiful days in contact with nature in all seasons.

Here are some of the experiences you can participate on our farm!

Calendar of events throughout the year at Il Giardino di Manipura

esperienze ed eventi in versilia

Il Giardino di Manipura is a special place for those seeking experiences in nature in Versilia, for those who love authentic emotions and creativity, for those who love tasting genuine, Tuscan products and for those who take care of themselves in a natural and sustainable way!

Lots of events and routes for adults and children in Versilia for the year 2024 in our farmhouse in Tuscany.

Joy, Nature and Wellbeing are guaranteed!

Nature and Wellbeing - workshops and sensory journeys

Nature and Wellbeing - is the name we have given to all our sensory laboratories for well-being.

laboratori e percorsi sensoriali a contatto con la natura in toscana

An extraordinary olfactory journey that allows you to discover the secrets, properties and scents of the medicinal plants we grow, rediscover inner well-being and learn about the benefits that nature offers us, with experiences such as:

Creating a personalized perfume

Are you passionate about the world of perfumery and would you like to create your own perfume? Come to us for a unique experience, in which you will be inspired by the enveloping notes of our organic essences and create your own exclusive natural perfume.


Do you want to discover the beneficial power of essential oils? Take part in our sensorial journey among the scents of essential oils, to awaken emotions and memories, discover the properties of the essences extracted from our medicinal plants and learn about the benefits with applications in everyday life.

Extraction of essential oils

Are you curious to know the distillation techniques of essential oils? We will enter our laboratories to learn, step by step, the magical process that transforms a medicinal plant into a precious essential oil, we will reveal the secrets of the extraction methods of our essential oils and our production chain, moving between stills and Florentine jars to discover the properties that nature brings with it.

Creating Natural Remedies

What are the natural remedies to always keep at home? We will discover the precious gifts that nature offers us, through the creation of natural remedies according to ancient traditions for well-being of body, mind and soul.

attività per il tuo benessere nel nostro agriturismo in toscana

Sound bath

A natural practice that benefits the body and mind, how? It is a vibrational experience that creates a deep massage even on a cellular level, it is a pampering for your well-being, a journey within oneself accompanied by alchemical tools.

Guided meditation

Why practice it? It is one of the most effective ways to come into deep contact with yourself, reach a deep state of calm and relaxation and eliminate accumulated stress. In our guided meditation experience you will find the opportunity to rediscover your well-being.


What is it and what extraordinary benefits does it have? Qigong is a dynamic path with energetic self-massages of the face and body, with the help of our organic essential oils Oligea helps to relieve accumulated stress and regain energy and vitality.

Handmade with love - creative workshops in contact with nature

Are you a lover of art and craftsmanship? We recommend that you participate in “Made by Hand with Love”, a series of workshops where you can unleash creativity and experiment with attention to small details, such as:

Creating a natural wreath

creazione di una ghirlanda naturale e fatta con le tue mani

Do you want to make a wreath with your own hands? In our farmhouse you will learn to weave the branches together with the fronds of our organic eucalyptus by hand, to create splendid natural garlands, even independently and release pure scents in the home. A simple way to embrace the magic of nature and give serenity to your heart.

Botanical Printing Laboratory

laboratorio di stampa botanica nel nostro agriturismo in toscana

Have you heard of the Ecoprint technique or natural botanical printing? You can discover and experiment with the various phases of the ecoprinting technique, from mordant to cooking, to the extraction of color from plants, to leaving the imprint of the leaves on the fabrics. A special opportunity to free your imagination and learn how to capture the beauty of nature on fabrics.

Tastings with local 0 km products - to experience authentic life on the farm

Lover of genuine traditional Tuscan food?

cibo genuino e della tradizione toscana nel nostro agriturismo in versilia

Take part in a culinary experience to discover authentic flavours:

Bikenic - the Bicycle Picnic

Love picnics and bike rides? With the Bikenic activity in our Educational Farm you will be able to discover the wonders of our territory, riding a bicycle with a tasty picnic basket of local products and an itinerary designed for families or for those looking for original and fun activities in the nature.

Discovering eucalyptus

Curious to find out how many things can be made with the eucalyptus plant? We will travel from the field to the table, to see and touch our eucalyptus plantations, discover all its properties and its unique and unmistakable flavour, savoring a tasty platter of local 0km cheeses, together with honey and eucalyptus beer from the our short and sustainable supply chain.

Picnic surrounded by nature

Looking for the perfect place to have a romantic or family picnic? We offer you our delicious picnic basket with locally sourced stuffed sandwich, Eucalyptus, tasty dark bread with local cheese, basil pesto, walnuts and pine nuts (without garlic), tomatoes from the garden, dessert of the day, fresh seasonal fruit and waterfall. To be enjoyed in company with a view of our splendid lake.

Tasting of local products

Do you want to taste local and traditional Tuscan food? Our 0 km Manipura cutting boards are for all tastes, classic, vegetarian and vegan, with excellence from the territory and from our farm.

Tasting of 0 km products

Tasty and original aperitif or snack with a splendid view of the lake? It will be a tasty break from your hectic life, sipping our Manipura cocktail based on hibiscus syrup or our Massarosa rugosa rose syrup.

Alternatively you can taste our organic eucalyptus craft beer, local white or red wines, accompanied by 0 km crostini.

Children and Nature - creative and sensorial activities to experience life on the farm

attività per bambini in versilia a contatto con la natura

A world of wonders for the little ones! Many creative and sensorial activities to free children's imagination, with educational and fun workshops.

Approach to the natural elements and agricultural activities with workshops such as "From flower to flower" to discover the secrets of the world of bees and "Grandpa Amedeo and the ancient crafts" to learn about the life of the past and the grandfather's peasant games.

Experience special moments in nature or give unforgettable memories

Whether you want to relax, learn, or simply enjoy the vitality of nature, Manipura Garden is the ideal place.

agriturismo e fattoria didattica lungo la via delle erbe e dei fiori

We are ready to welcome you with open arms to this hidden paradise. Take time for yourself and your family and join us in an experience that will remain in your memories forever.

Do you want to surprise your loved ones with something unique for a special occasion? Our experiences are an original gift idea, to give authentic emotions and special moments that will remain in the hearts of your loved ones.

Purchase our individual experiences or choose our gift voucher to enjoy an experience immersed in nature.

How to receive our gift voucher? Is simple!

To purchase it or find out more click here

Or if you prefer, you can visit our Bio Bottega Oligea in Via dei Cavalli 176.

Nature awaits you and we are here to guide you on this extraordinary wellness journey to reconnect with nature and yourself.


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