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Bikenic in Manipura, bicycle picnic among nature, local flavors and the landscapes of Massarosa

The Bikenic, a "bicycle picnic", is the new experience for families looking for original and fun activities in nature created by our Educational Farm and Agriturismo Il Giardino di Manipura.

An experience born from the idea of ​​Elena Giannini, agricultural entrepreneur and creator of our garden, with the aim of supporting responsible and sustainable tourism practices which is part of the many Social Agriculture activities, nature events and agricultural-themed workshops for children and adults that our Educational Farm has been carrying out since 2012 and which it organizes throughout the year following the cycle of the seasons.

So, every day, in addition to the tastings inside our Botanical Garden, it is possible to book and pick up a basket of 0 km products to take with you for an independent ride in the Massarose countryside, enjoying a tasty stop in the surroundings of the farm Educational or at points of interest along the route La Via delle Erbe e dei Fiori of Massarosa.

Each basket tells a story made up of local flavours, always local, genuine and of quality to be discovered and savored while admiring the natural landscapes around. A true sensorial experience that represents an innovative way to discover the food and wine, naturalistic, landscape and cultural excellences of the area, the green heart of Versilia.

Particular attention is also paid to the environmental aspect of the idea with the products inside the basket all 100% biodegradable and recyclable, delivered with the invitation to take them back with you once used, without polluting or throwing waste on the paths.

The objective is to offer an opportunity for responsible leisure and entertainment for families in the area but above all for tourists who want original experiences in nature and who are rediscovering the beauty of the Massarosa area. An idea that we launched by making available some bicycles available on our farm and which has attracted a lot of interest since the first sunny weekends of spring. We are working so that the Bikenic becomes a fixed attraction to be offered all year round also for all the bikers, sportsmen and enthusiasts who crowd the streets of Massarosa, placing us as a point of reference for a stop at km0 or for a genuine enriched take away basket from agri-cosmetic products for the well-being of muscles and joints on which we are researching in our Oligea laboratories.

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